ASX Announcements

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23rd Dec Acquisition of Mining Claims
21st Nov Placement
10th Nov Results of Meeting
31st Oct Quarterly Activities Report
31st Oct Quarterly Cashflow Report
28th Oct Exploration Results
27th Oct Appoints African Advisors
07th Oct Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form
03rd Oct Initial Director's Interest Notice
29th Sep Director Appointment/Resignation
29th Sep Annual Report to shareholders
28th Aug Becoming a substantial holder
21st Aug Cleansing Notice
21st Aug Appendix 3B
21st Aug Reinstatement to Official Quotation
21st Aug Placement
19th Aug Suspension Request
19th Aug Suspension from Official Quotation
15th Aug Trading Halt
29th Jul Quarterly Cashflow Report
29th Jul Quarterly Activities Report
24th Jul Cleansing Notice
24th Jul Appendix 3B
24th Jul Share Placement Update
21st Jul Exploration results
17th Jul Appointment of Somerley
02nd Jun Change of Director's Interest Notice
30th May Change of Director's Interest Notice
30th May Cleansing Notice
30th May Appendix 3B
29th May Placement to Investors
27th May Change of Director's Interest Notice
27th May Change in substantial holding
26th May Issue and Allotment of Shares
21st May Clarification on presentation dated 19 May 2014
19th May Company Presentation
14th May Results of Meeting
01st May Quarterly Activities Report
01st May Quarterly Cashflow Report
28th Apr Drill Results
14th Apr Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form
19th Mar Investor Presentation
17th Mar Exploration Results including JORC Table
17th Mar Exploration Update
14th Mar Half Yearly Report and Accounts
25th Feb Acquisition of Further Mining Claims
07th Feb Ceasing to be a substantial holder
31st Jan Quarterly Activities Report
31st Jan Quarterly Cashflow Report
30th Jan Becoming a substantial holder
29th Jan Ceasing to be a substantial holder
24th Jan Disclosure - Listing Rule 3.10.5A
24th Jan Cleansing Notice
23rd Jan Appendix 3B
21st Jan Completion of Placement to Investors - Oversubscribed
13th Jan Placement to Investors
10th Jan Trading Halt